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Dec 3, 2019
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10 make-up tip for good summer make-up

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10 make-up tip for good summer make-up

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High temperatures and humidity can be a disaster for summer make-up. But how do you preserve the freshness of your face and what are the mistakes that you should not make during make-up? In this article we give you interesting tips for a perfect make-up in the heat.

The first Makeup Trick Make-up is to be used in one color. Once you have the desired tan, you should change your make-up palette. It is a very serious mistake to continue using the powder and primer for the remainder of the year.

Make-up tip for beautiful skin in summer

10 make-up tip for good summer make-up

This also applies to eye shadow, blush and lipstick. The powder should not hide the natural tan and make you paler than you are. The make-up must accentuate and stand out easily from the tan.

The other make-up trick is to lay the base. In the summer, it's very difficult to keep make-up perfect, especially if you use an unsuitable surface. Regardless of whether your skin is dry or greasy, you should apply a make-up pad suitable for your skin type.

In summer you should use leaves that absorb sebum. They are easy to find and use, and you should carry them in your pocket to retouch your makeup at any time. So your skin will not glow every time you are hot.

Avene thermal water

10 make-up tip for good summer make-up

You can also use thermal water. In the summer it is good for the skin as it refreshes and makes the makeup more durable.

When the skin is hot, it is very important to moisturize it well. Peel your skin once a week and apply moisturizer every day. At the same time you should not be too concerned with tanning products. These are products that make you tan your skin for just a few hours. If you put too much in, you have a carrot orange skin that is really not nice to look at.

Moisten your skin is very important

10 make-up tip for good summer make-up
Make-up base for the summer of Clinic
10 make-up tip for good summer make-up

Use moisturizer every day

10 make-up tip for good summer make-up

The make-up "Nude" is perfect for the summer

10 make-up tip for good summer make-up

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10 make-up tip for good summer make-up

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