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30 Chestnut Brown Hair Inspirations to Rock in 2023

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30 Chestnut Brown Hair Inspirations to Rock in 2023


Auburn hair is still in and looks like it will never go out of style. All thanks to its versatility and super power to flatter all hair types and skin tones. We’re going to prove this with lifelike photos from popular Instagram accounts and hope to encourage you for an exciting hair experiment.

30 ideas for auburn hair

What hair color is auburn? Known as a brown shade with reddish undertones, modern auburn hair ranges from dark brown looks to bronde styles and almost red color pallets. Thanks to the plethora of coloring techniques today, auburn hair color proves to be truly versatile and adaptable to different skin tones and hair types. The following pictures prove this.

1. Yummy chocolate auburn hair color. With a base color that feels like dark chocolate and lived-in highlights in medium brown, this romantic style reminds us of roasted chestnuts in Paris.

Highlights of roasted chestnut and dark lowlights

2. Warm auburn reddish brown hair. This color job keeps the brown on the warmer side of the spectrum, but still gives the hair a lot of undertones.

Shiny warm brown hair color idea

3. Dark auburn hair with lowlights. At first glance it may seem like an all-over color, but a subtle play of colors reveals both lowlights and highlights in this rich style.

Rich auburn hair with subtle highlights

4. Auburn Copper Brown Hair With Roots Mudge. While red isn’t an easy color to maintain, this fall balayage promises to fade gracefully, thanks to its masterful root stain.

Auburn and Copper Balayage Hair

5. Dramatic bob in auburn hair color. Clean, blunt lines in the back and ultra-elongation around the face – this firecracker bob deserves a hot color – and he gets one.

Blunt Hot Chestnut Bob

6. Flaming Wavy Auburn Hair. What better to enhance the movement in your tresses than splashes of light? These amazing waves have their fair share of them!

Beautiful auburn hair with highlights

7. Auburn hair color with cherry undertones. This color scheme leans towards a vibrant red, adding purple depth to the base color and brightening it up with flamboyant highlights.

Flamboyant cherry chestnut hair color

8. Light auburn hair with ginger tint. This vibrant balayage happily combines a lighter shade of auburn with bright copper highlights to create depth and movement.

Bright Ginger highlights on auburn hair

9. Transition from chestnut to toffee. This perfect color melt shows how you can start with an auburn hair dye at the roots and then achieve a more vibrant red without any problems.

Chestnut red hair with brown roots

10. Multi-colored auburn balayage. Here we can see almost all brown shades one can imagine, starting with golden brown tones and ending with burgundy tones.

Balayage of golden chestnut and burgundy

11. Chestnut hair for fair skin. If you have a light skin tone, it makes sense to opt for a copper-inspired color palette, which is sure to accentuate the porcelain feel of your skin.

Copper chestnut hair color idea

12. Off beat mahogany auburn hair color. Those looking for a softer yet rich shade of chestnut can try this sophisticated blend of red and brown.

Sophisticated mix of red and brown hair colors

13. Dark auburn hair with small streaks of color. While the base color remains a neutral brown, these highlights brighten up the whole look and enhance the movement of the locks.

Dark brown base with golden chestnut highlights

14. Ashy auburn hair color with caramel highlights. While chestnut is basically a warm hair color, there is always a way to adapt it to a cooler skin tone using an asymmetrical finish.

Auburn hair with highlights and lowlights

15. Deep brunette with auburn hair with face framing. We have already combined chestnut tones with red, and now it’s time to see that chestnut also goes well with intense black.

Black hair with auburn highlights in the face

16. Medium length auburn hair with lighting. This deep brown looks really royal, but it never hurts to add lighter pieces for better reflection and shine.

Royal auburn hair with extra shine

17. Auburn hair highlights with red tones. This girl definitely knows how to bring dimension to super-long dark brown hair, which can look flat and lack any pizzazz otherwise.

Long Brunette Hair with Red Chestnut Highlights

18. Chestnut balayage for French bob. Short bobs with bangs that fall over the eyebrows are charming, but you can make your haircut even more eye-catching by adding a light red tint to it.

Auburn bob balayage with bangs

By luxebellahairbypatricia

19. Cinnamon and chestnut hair combo. While this balayage scheme is muted overall, it gets color going down and illuminates the face nicely.

Auburn hair with cinnamon coin piece

20. Cool-Tone Roots to Chestnut Melt. This is another great example of masterful root staining and color matching where ice brown effortlessly transforms into warm maroon.

Root Smudge for auburn hair

21. Rusty brown hair. While real chestnut has a subtler red undertone that is more noticeable only in direct sunlight, nothing can stop you from owning more saturated rusty tones.

Cute Rusty Hair Balayage

22. Red tinted auburn hair all over. Since red works better than brown to catch the light and bring out pale skin, fair-skinned girls who want to look brighter can make their auburn shine from top to bottom with an auburn hue.

Chestnut auburn hair for pale complexion

23. Creamy copper brown. This photo shows how subtle additions of lighter tones make the color feel much softer while maintaining depth and saturation.

Copper auburn hair with subtle highlights

24. Deep maroon with delicate face framing. You don’t need harsh contrasts to make your face shine – going a shade or two lighter can do the job perfectly.

Deep brown hair with auburn coin

25. Caramel auburn hair color for a shag. Choppy locks can lose body, especially if your hair is fine, which isn’t the case with this shag, as it has both depth and texture-enhancing highlights.

Chestnut Shag with texture-enhancing highlights

26. Striped auburn hair. These are definitely not the thick streaks of the ’90s, and they take a much more sophisticated approach to creating dimension in dark locks.

Makeover from blonde to auburn hair

27. Chestnut locks with a metallic sheen. This coloring adds some bronze and even mahogany tones to the brown palette, resulting in a luminous and multi-dimensional look.

Dimensional metallic bronze and auburn hair

28. Mixed auburn hair. This seamless balayage feels calm yet rich and classy, ​​with its russet highlights beautifully enhancing the wave pattern.

Stylish auburn balayage on dark brown hair

29. Long auburn hair with red sparkles. With more contrast and frequent highlights, you can enjoy higher dynamics even within the same color scheme.

High contrast auburn highlights for long hair

30. Light brown auburn hair color near the face. Depending on your skin tone and desired contrast, you can place up to auburn hair around the face.

Dark hair with chestnut blonde coin

Indeed, you will not be disappointed to switch to auburn hair, provided that the color is correctly matched to your hair and skin tone. We hope our collection will help you achieve your next hair goal and we’ll see your amazing results on Instagram soon.

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