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Dec 2, 2019
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A few trendy gift ideas for your fashionable friend

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All sales come to you, and you have to be ready to take good offers, especially if you have a fashionable friend for whom you usually spend a lot of money. Here are some ideas that are currently in vogue and may be offered for sale when you visit some ecommerce stores online.

leather boots

A few trendy gift ideas for your fashionable friend

Sometimes you have to wear boots in the colder months, and sometimes these boots are made of leather. Currently, light brown leather or suede boots are in vogue, so search online for these boot types. You need to make sure that it's real leather from the right brands like TOMS, Louis Vuitton or YVS, which are some of the most exciting leather boot models.

Cashmere scarf

It's not a winter outfit without a scarf, and this is still a fashion gift for others. Check patterns are currently celebrating a comeback. So be sure to look for these patterns. You also want to get a scarf with colors that your friend or loved one usually likes to wear. Check carefully to get a 100% cashmere scarf that is luxurious, warm and just gorgeous. Some of the brands offering great options are Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Versace, just to name a few.

Cute backpacks

Another trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the backpack. Purses and tote bags have been fashionable for some time, but the backpack is coming back. Sure, all these new models are a bit smaller than you're used to, but they've been tastefully designed by trusted stylists like Louis Vuitton and Valentino Garavani. So you just have to find a good Louis Vuitton or Valentino sale. Make sure that the item you choose matches the overall style of your friend or lover. If you do not, look out for your friend's style to get a sense of what that person is usually wearing.

Simple sweatshirt

Sometimes you just need a simple sweatshirt. A good basic sweatshirt is well designed and made of high quality material. At the moment it's a bit chilly, so stick to naturally warm materials like cashmere, wool or alpaca. There are several designers who bring out cute sweatshirts that are boldly designed without attracting attention. You have to stick to stylists like Prada, Armani or YVS, who have some great designs. Also in this case, it may be a good idea to pay attention to your friend or loved one to see which brands that person usually tended to. This should give you clues that guide you in the right direction.


You never know what trends will develop, but one surprise to look out for is the sneaker trend. At the moment, there are a number of designers like Valentino, Prada, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Armani, who throw in their hats and create unique sneakers to meet the demands. It seems that it is fashionable to add a touch of casual street wear to normal clothing. Keep in mind what your friend or loved one normally wears before making this purchase. If you find out that this person wears only open shoes, this may not be a good idea.

Hopefully you are interested in these ideas and you will find the gift idea that best suits your friend or loved one. Take your time and trust your stomach, because you know this person best.

A few trendy gift ideas for your fashionable friend

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