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All bagel and cheese ball bites with bacon


All bagel and cheese ball bites with bacon


These Everything Bagel Cheese Ball Bites are perfect for holiday gatherings, gamedays, baby showers or a girls night! These mini cheese balls are great with crackers, bagel chips or pretzels.

Cheese Ball Bite on a round cracker on a marble and wood cutting board.

Okay guys, that really is one of the best recipes for cheese balls. I am absolutely obsessed with any appetizer that is bite-sized and versatile and these babies fit the bill. These Everything Bagel Cheese Ball Bites with Bacon are the perfect snack for parties of all kinds. Including baby showers, holiday gatherings, matchdays or a girls night. The mini cheese balls can be made prematurely and kept in the refrigerator so that they have less time on the day of preparation. Bonus: This simple appetizer recipe can be used any time of the day and served with crackers, bagel chips or pretzels. I hope you and your family love this delicious mini appetizer recipe!

What you need to make Cheese Ball Bites

The tools you need to prepare cheese balls are:

  • A big bowl Everyone will do it, this is just to combine and mix all of your ingredients.
  • A small bowl For the anything but the bagel spice.
  • A cookie scoop This is not necessary, but helps to make all bagel cheese balls the same size.
  • A cookie sheet or a big plate– This keeps the mini cheese balls in the fridge when they cool down. Just make sure the mini cheese balls you use are big enough to store in a single layer.
  • Measuring cup and spoon
  • A small pan For roasting the bacon. You could bake the bacon if you prefer.
  • A mating knife and a cutting board To chop the spring onions.

The ingredients you need to prepare mini-bagel cheese balls are:

  • cream cheese
  • Simple fat free Greek yogurt– You could also use sour cream.
  • Normal goat cheese Make sure that the goat's cheese does not contain any flavor or oil.
  • Grated cheese- I have used shredded mild cheddar cheese, you can also use Colby Jack or Sharp Cheddar Cheese.
  • Anything but the bagel spice If you did not buy the spice, you can make your own instead! Read the instructions below.
  • Boiled ham- You can do this in advance to save the preparation for this recipe for cheese balls.
  • Chopped spring onions

Close up of cheese ball on parchment paper on a cookie sheet.

How to Make All Bagel Cheese Ball Bites

Welcome, you've found the tastiest and simplest starter you'll ever make! Really, these all-bagel cheese balls are incredibly easy to prepare and great for virtually any occasion. They also work for both brunch and evening events, which is a huge bonus!

  • Cook your bacon (in a pan or in the oven) and crumble it into small pieces. You can do this step days in advance and keep the boiled bacon in the fridge to save even on these mini cheese balls.
  • Finely chop the spring onions, measure the remaining ingredients and place everything (with the exception of the bagel wort) in a large bowl.
  • Mix and stir to combine all ingredients. Add the bagel spice in a separate small bowl.
  • Once everything is combined, take a small biscuit scoop (or eyeball on it) and scoop out some of the cheese ball mix and roll your palms into it to form a ball. Your hands are getting a bit messy, it's okay.
  • Once the ball is formed, place it in the Everything But the Bagel seasoning mix and roll the cheese ball until completely covered. Place the coated cheese ball on a baking sheet or plate lined with parchment paper and repeat the process until all the cheese ball mix has been used.
  • Once all the balls are seasoned, place the mini cheese balls in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour to cool them. You can also let them cool for 24 hours in advance.
  • When ready to serve, place each cheese ball on a cracker, bagel chip, or put a pretzel stick in each one.
  • Enjoy!

    Take a look at the video with the recipe "Everything Bagel Cheese Ball Bites with Bacon" to take a closer look at the preparation of this appetizer recipe!

    Prepare the image for the cheese balls showing step by step the recipe.

    How to do everything except the bagel spice itself

    For these cheese balls I like to use "Everything But the Bagel Seasoning" by Trader Joe. I like how convenient it is to just invent everything, and it saves an extra step for this recipe. I also add the spice to my morning eggs, so I pretty much always have something on hand. But because I have too often forgotten to buy the spice, I have learned how to make my own. The spices you need are pretty simple, and you should be able to buy them at your local grocery store. The individual spices you need to create your own Everything But the Bagel Seasoning are:

    For spice preparation, use equal parts of each spice. For this recipe for mini cheese balls, use 1 1/2 tablespoons of each spice and put everything in a bowl. Then mix it to combine it. This measurement gives about half a cup of seasoning mixture sufficient to coat all of your cheese balls.

    Cheeseball bites on a blue marble cutting board on a blue counter.

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    The hand picking up cheese ball bite off a cutting board.

    Can I make a big cheese ball instead of a small one?

    Of course you can! To make a great all-bagel cheese ball, follow all the recipe preparation and instructions to make the cheese balls. Once you have combined the cheese mixture, place the mixture on a large piece of cling film placed flat on a counter. In addition, sticking is avoided when you spray the cling film with a little cooking spray. Next, wrap the cling film around the cheese mixture so nothing can escape. Manipulate and roll the cheese mixture in the shape of a ball and then cool for at least one hour until overnight. Just before serving the cheese ball roll in the balls to the bagel wort and serve with crackers, pretzels or bagel chips.

    Cheese ball on a cracker on a blue counter.

    Get ahead and left over instructions

    These Everything Bagel Cheese Ball Bites are perfect for the Christmas season, as they can be prepared and made in advance! I like simple starters like these miniature balls on holidays (and let's be honest) because they are so easy and can be stored in the fridge and ready for the next day. To prepare this recipe in advance, follow all preparation instructions and store the cheese balls flat in a single layer, either on a baking tray or on a large plate. If you want to serve the mini cheese balls, just put them on a cracker and enjoy them!

    The storage of cheese bale remains is very simple. Simply store them in an airtight container in a single layer in the refrigerator. If you can not store them in a single layer, the lower areas will be slightly destroyed. If you want to serve the cheese bites, just put them on a cracker, a bagel chip or put in a pretzel stick.

    I hope you and your family love this Bagel Cheese Ball Bites with Bacon! This recipe is so simple and versatile that it makes adorable treats for the Christmas season! Enjoy!

    Happy meal!

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