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Dec 11, 2019
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Grinch pancakes

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These adorable green Grinch Pancakes are a homemade imitation recipe for the IHOP Grinch Pancakes. The kids will love this festive Christmas breakfast recipe!

Green Grinch pancakes on a plate of cream cheese with cream.

Grinch pancakes

If you're looking for a festive recipe for the Christmas breakfast, these adorable and fluffy Grinch pancakes are just what you need!

Extra fluffy GREEN pancakes are sprinkled with sweet cream cheese icing, green whipped cream and small red hearts.

These Christmas pancakes make fun as a family and the kids like to help – at least mine!

Turn on the movie, pull out the mixing bowls and make memories with these adorable and delicious Grinch pancakes!

If you love these Grinch pancakes, be sure to try my Grinch Hot Chocolate!

Three bites of Grinch Pancakes stacked on top of each other on a fork.

Imitators IHOP Grinch pancakes

If you think these pancakes are familiar, you probably got them at IHOP last year!

My little family of 5 is absolutely obsessed with the Grinch and last year I took the girls to eat IHOP Grinch Pancakes for breakfast after watching the movie.

This year, they have asked for more Grinch pancakes, but unfortunately, they will not make the Grinch pancakes again this year at IHOP.

So, what should a mother do? Of course, make a Copycat IHOP Grinch Pancake recipe!

Luckily, it's really easy to start a game at home, and you probably already have the most ingredients you need!

A bowl of Grinch pancake batter in a glass bowl with a whisk.

Best food coloring for green pancakes

To get the best green color for Grinch Pancakes, I recommend using the Wilton Gel Icing Food Colors (affiliate link).

You can buy them at Walmart, Michaels or even Amazon. They are cheap and a little bit goes a long way.

You do not have to add much at all to get lots of color and they do not affect the taste.

Other tools / ingredients needed:

Aside from the food coloring, there are a few tools or ingredients that you will need:

  1. Hand Blender (Affiliate Link): This really helps if you hit the cream cheese icing and then the green whipped cream.
  2. Heart sprinkles (affiliate link)

Cut Grinch Pancakes in half so you can see how fluffy they are!

How to make extra fluffy pancakes

This pancake recipe is extra fluffy because my kids like them so much! I have some tips for keeping her so fluffy.

  1. First I make it with a mixture of milk and vinegar and then a combination of baking soda and baking soda. You can also replace buttermilk with the milk-vinegar mixture if you have them handy.
  2. Do not mix too much, the bubbles should keep the pancakes soft! Once the pancake mixture comes together, stop stirring and watch as all the bubbles burst open.
  3. Do not turn over your pancakes too soon. It's an obvious, but a big one!

That being said, this is a simple delicious pancake recipe that has just turned green.

These adorable green Grinch Pancakes are a homemade imitation recipe for the IHOP Grinch Pancakes. The kids will love this festive Christmas breakfast recipe! #GrinchPancakes #Pancakes #PancakeRecipe #IhopGrinchPancakes #Breakfast #BreakfastRecipe #ChristmasBreakfast #ChristmasBreakfastRecipes

While there are a few steps involved in making cream cheese icing and green whipped cream from scratch, they are very quick and easy to put together.

If you're looking for a more diet-friendly option, you can also use this recipe with my 5-star recipe for low-carbohydrate pancakes. Just dye them green!

Copycat IHOP Grinch pancakes on a plate with a gold fork.

These Grinch pancakes are as delicious as they are festive and I promise the kids will love them.

They make a wonderful Christmas breakfast, but also enjoy breakfast at dinner while watching the Grinch movie as a family.

I hope your family loves them as much as we do. Please leave me a comment / review so I know how this recipe will work for you!

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