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Smart Weather Station Clocks Calendar Desktop LCD Digital WiFi Clock Electronic Thermometer Hygrometer Sensor International Vers

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Smart Weather Station Clocks Calendar Desktop LCD Digital WiFi Clock Electronic Thermometer Hygrometer Sensor International Vers


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International Version Smart Weather Station Desktop LED LCD Digital Wifi Clock Electronic Thermometer Hygrometer Sensor.


Weather Station: Intelligent weather station, WiFi network access to local weather information and all data must be obtained from the Internet.

Function: show weather, show time, min./max. Temperature, wind speed, city, country/region, day of the week, outside temperature and humidity

Screen: 1.54 inch IPS screen 240x240px. Small and portable.

Language: Built in English only, all world capitals are supported. 3 GIF animations inside and you can upload your own 4th GIF.

Multifunctional: Modern and stylish design makes it very suitable for stores, cafes, schools, offices, hotels, halls, shopping malls, etc.


Material: ABS plastic

Interface: Type-C USB

Power: 5V/1A

Size Chart:

5cm x 4.5cm x 3.7cm/1.97in x 1.77in x 1.46in

Package includes:

1 piece smart weather station clock

1 piece of data cable


Please allow slight errors due to manual measurement and different monitors.

The user manual:


Firmware updated on 01/01/2023: V3.0.15

1) Cancel the temperature format and switch to the metric and imperial options. Metric temperature in Celsius, wind speed in km/h, imperial temperature in Fahrenheit and wind speed in mph.

2) Add digital color modification at times, 20x20x20 kinds of color combinations.

3) Add custom NTP time server settings and allow users to use their own NTP server.

4) Add weather API key settings so users can use their own KEY.

5) Added 5 groups of NTP servers for backup and optimized the problem that time cannot be synchronized in some specific network environments.

6) Added restart function to web page.

7) Added factory reset function on web page.

8) Added date display modes MM/DD, DD/MM.

9) Other optimizations.

10) Added new IP address display for 3 seconds after boot and network connection.

11) Added http://your new ip/update to update via web page after connecting to WiFi.

12) Support temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius. (Suggested by a US friend)

13) Supports various date formats: YYYY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY. (Suggested by JP Freund)

14)Add night mode support. (Suggested by a BR friend)

15) Other fixes.

Buy with Confidence!!! We offer help if you need it!!! Please please please do not leave 1 star feedback unless you have contact with us and we could not provide satisfactory solutions.

The FAQ is at the end of this description, please refer to it if necessary.

Q: How do I connect the watch to WiFi?


Step 1, Power on the weather clock with 5V DC, it will output a wifi "GIF.TV" Connect without a password. In most cases, the phone will automatically display a settings page. If not, open the web browser and visit to open the settings page manually.

Step 2, Choose an internet connection and scan the wifi, choose your own wifi and input your password. Then click Save. The connection will be restarted.

Step 3: When WiFi is connected, the current time and default weather will be displayed.

Q: How do I set the city code? Where can I find the city code?


We use API of https://openweathermap.org/find website and you can enter your city name and search "London, UK" for example the number "2643743" in the link address "https://openweathermap.org/city/2643743" is the city code of London. Copy the number and set it in the city code setting area.

Q: How do I change the settings when WiFi is connected?


The GIF.TV will turn off after the WiFi connects, so this time look closely for a new IP address to appear under the city name of the screen. Connect to the same weather clock AP and visit the new IP address in your browser.

Q: How do I upload GIF images?


After the WiFi is connected, visit the setting page, select Upload GIF and click Upload button, then upload your own GIF images on the upload page. Remember to crop or scale it to 80×80 pixels and no larger than 700 KB. Ezgif.com website is highly recommended to change GIF images.

Q: How do I reconnect to a new WiFi network?


Unplug the power line, when the progress bar loads 2 times, the third time, it will switch to AP mode, the "GIF.TV" will come out, then you can connect to a new wifi.


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