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Nov 28, 2019
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Top tips for organizing a motorcycle-inspired wedding

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Most little girls dreamed of their wedding day, but while they dreamed of romantic long dresses and pink flowers everywhere, they were more attracted to red roses and skulls.

Believe it or not, rock & roll-inspired weddings and motorcycle-inspired weddings are becoming increasingly popular. That means there are many ideas that will spark your interest and help you enjoy the most magical day of your existence. If you are interested in a motorcycle wedding, here are some simple tips to help you organize it according to your ideas.

Consider your dream outfit

Who said that a motorcycle bride can not wear a girlish wedding dress? When you combine a romantic inspired dress with a leather jacket and pair of cycling boots, you will not only look cool, but also feel good, especially when considering an outdoor location for the after party.

An embroidered black or red leather jacket goes perfectly with a headband made of natural flowers and a white wedding dress, whether long or short. If you do not like the traditional clothing, opt for brighter bridal gowns like red or even black. All you need is the perfect setting.

Make your wedding theme clear

Theme weddings are fun and fun as long as guests comply with the dress code. If you're planning a rock inspired wedding with a ride on your motorbike, make sure all guests know your plans and dress accordingly.

Make it clear in your invitation that all guests must wear casual or biker outfits if you do not want to be the one who looks weird at your own wedding.

Create a memorable wedding cake

Let's face it – it's all about the bride and the cake on the wedding day, so you have to make sure they're perfect from all angles. You've already sorted your outfit and added the right Rock & Roll accessories. Now you have to focus on the wedding cake.

It does not have to be too big, unless you want to invite more than 200 people to the reception. However, it must be memorable and unique, just like you and your partner. Choose a theme that represents you and your passion for bikes, leather jackets and long rides. It can be inspired by one of your favorite shows or decorated with small bicycles.

It has to merge with the rest of the decors as well as with the venue. And last but not least, it must be delicious to stick to something that all guests will love – chocolate, vanilla, butter, red velvet, or lemon are perfect for a laid-back, casual wedding like yours.

Wedding memories

Reminders are small gifts that you give to the guests attending your wedding as a token of appreciation. Instead of choosing the bride and groom for dull chocolate boxes, honey jars or photos, you can give your guests something truly memorable and valuable for a biker-style wedding.

There are many online sources of inspiration, from miniature motorcycles with their names to flower-decked pushpins.

Only for motorcycles

If most of your friends and family members attending the event are motorcycle enthusiasts, make sure that no cars are allowed on the grounds of the venue. It provides an exclusive setup and even helps to create the perfect décor for an open photo shoot.

If the budget permits, you can rent motorcycles for those who can not come with them, and even opt for a classic or classic model parked outside the venue. We think of a cool chopper with loud handlebar loudspeakers and leather seats for a relaxed atmosphere.

Top tips for organizing a motorcycle-inspired wedding

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