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Dec 8, 2019
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What fits better with your hair color?

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To know them, you have to know the theory of the four seasons

When you open your closet door, it's likely that every morning and the outfit of the day will determine many factors that make an action of your choice the best. What kind of look do I want to see today? Comfortable, provocative, elegant, eye-catching, groundbreaking … The possibilities are as endless as theirs Fancy it until Monday. The secret of our success lies in the detail. in the way we customize different garments and connect our body and personality. One of these factors, perhaps unnoticed, is also one of the most important: the color. It's easy for everyone to combine the colors of our clothes but with the hair color? There is no doubt that this is one of the most striking aspects of the face and therefore must receive the value it deserves. So you do not go with Bobaditas.

What fits better with your hair color?  We should not go either …

The four seasons in the hair color

Numerous studies have found a better color palette depending on the Skin color, eyes, skin and of course the hair color feel. The result? Theory, four seasons ". It classifies people according to their physical characteristics, which were so different at this time of the year. They hallucinate, we know.

If you have a white or olive skin and the eyes and dark hair are part of the winter subdivision. However, if your appearance has clearer features than blond hair and blue or green eyes, it's certainly summer. Between the two pigmentations spring and autumn have people with golden skin, brown or red hair and light but warm eyes.

Before this system becomes much easier to determine which colors have the ability to highlight our hair after choosing our outfit.


What fits better with your hair color?  Morenamia …

For those who have dark hair, the cold and light colors such as blue, turquoise, lime green or bottle, pink and pink are best; Besides the more neutral colors like white or nude. They mark your hair in contrast to the clothes. The black hair of a woman is elegant, classic and refined. and is the trait that most characterizes the Spaniards for the rest of the world. To compensate, the selected colors also add a touch of sweetness and light to your face.

If you want to complement your look somehow, go directly to the accessories. Your black hair will attract much more attention if you choose a pendant or golden pendant. We give you the extra advantage you need.


What fits better with your hair color?  Blond and red, sensual butt.

Usually, a girl with blond hair has something whiter than normal skin. Therefore, if the nature of the choice should have a clear goal: highlighting the skin without falling into the paleness. The warm and vivid colors are perfect for this task, including black, orange, brown or chocolate brown. The red, however, remains like the color star year after year. He points to a lot of skin and light hair, highlights the facial features and gives it a sensual and glamorous appearance. Why do you think the red lipstick never goes out? Style? It is able to get us out of trouble!

Instead, we always have to avoid the coarsest colors like beige or white as it costs will get from the light in ours Face, it looks sick.


What fits better with your hair color?  Brown hair color gives a game that you can not see.

If your hair is brown, you're in luck. There are many colors that Like You between the winter and Summer season. Are you looking for a casual look? The ones want The leaves of the trees are dipped in the autumnal shade before they fall with the onset of cold: orange, red, brown, yellow, gray … but if you want to look like a real one Jewel, Opt for lavender, gold, emerald or blue sapphire. Take advantage of this privileged location and take over all.


What fits better with your hair color?  Red hair and green, perfect team.

Redheads should be very careful when combining clothes with the tone of their hair. Many experts in the field say that in all shades of green is ideal for people with red hair color, because together they form a complete color palette that works perfectly. This tandem adds intensity, contrast and light to make your outfit shine. Other, summery colors like dark blue, white, red or beige are also suitable for this type of mane.

However, if colors such as yellow, gold or brown fall into oblivion, the face only weakens and looks pale and white.


What fits better with your hair color?  White hair color is still too young.

This season, a new trend has succeeded in gaining a foothold among the wildest scalp species. Do not wait any longer until you see a bright white hair , a very contemporary style that gives the wearer some self-confidence and innocence. As a neutral color it is very easy to combine. Garments and accessories in pastel colors are a real hit. then the whole balance. While the most striking blacks and hues create a nice contrast that does not go unnoticed. The decision depends only on the impression you want to make. Dare the jump?

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